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Narrating Stories in a Digital World

You want to be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, probably also Google plus, Instagram, Linked-in and Pinterest is also noteworthy. How about a having your own blog?

Being available to your customers online through social media often seems like a good idea because everyone else is doing it. However, is social media really the answer to your needs? And, if so, where do you start?

My name is Regin Toftegaard and I can help you with your problem. My expertise is working with digital solutions, including concept development, communication, and service design..

I have an extensive background working within the media & music industry. I am a music producer, sound engineer, TV producer, videographer & editor, multimedia designer, and e-concept developer.

Yes, I am all that. But above all, I am a digital storyteller.

I encourage you to explore this website to see some of my work and what I have to offer.

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